Liz Margree & Associates

Liz Margree & Associates Ltd specialise in the design and delivery of leadership and personal impact programmes. We work as facilitators of high performance in senior leadership team meetings; and provide executive coaching. In particular, our focus is in relational leadership, helping individuals to explore how they build the scope of their networks, the reach of their influence, how they can play to their strengths, and create high quality conversations with their colleagues and clients. We also work with teams and individual leaders to build their resilience.

We provide one-to-one personal impact/speech coaching for leaders and senior managers, unpacking how to communicate with gravitas, how to build rapport with an audience and how to present with authority. A key focus of this work is about building compelling business narratives – storytelling, drawing on principles from theatre and the cognitive activation that occurs when we’re told a great story!

This work takes us across sectors – commercial, public and cultural and is unique in its approach, using models, methodologies and principles from psychology and the arts to enable people to make positive and sustainable behavioural changes.

Our team is currently working with clients across the following areas:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership development programmes
  • Team effectiveness interventions (inc. trust, ways of working, goals and vision)
  • Personal effectiveness (inc. presentation and influence, personal brand)
  • 360 feedback design, implementation, and follow up
  • Graduate induction and development
  • Learning needs analysis and 70:20:10 blended learning implementation
  • In-house facilitator training
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Management skills training
  • Delegation skills training
  • MBTI, Insights Discovery, Hogan, ODC

Liz Margree, Director of Liz Margree Limited, is a qualified Business Psychologist and Executive Coach. Originally a theatre maker (performer and writer) Liz was a founding partner of Unlimited Theatre (1996) and has toured in various roles, nationally and internationally with their plays. She teaches the Psychology of Strategy, and Consulting Skills, on the Occupational Psychology Masters Course at the University of Hertfordshire. She is a member of the British Psychological Society.

Occupational Psychology MSc
Psychometrics Accreditations: Insights, Hogan, MBTI, ODC
Certificate in Performance Coaching
Primary Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Certificate