Liz Margree
& Associates

Creative, values-driven coaching for executives, senior leadership teams and individuals

How We Work

Headed by business and coaching psychologist Liz Margree, our team of associates specialises in Leadership and Personal Impact programmes. We use psychology to help leaders, teams and individuals maximise performance, build resilience, and grow strategic impact. 

Our Focus Areas

Our focus is on ‘relational leadership’ – using psychology to help individual leaders and leadership teams to maximise performance under pressure, build resilience and grow strategic impact.

We routinely use psychometrics, such as Insights, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Genos EQ, and Hogan, with our delegates to help them amplify their self-awareness.

Executive Coaching

Working with senior leaders across a wide range of commercial and public sectors, we use established psychological techniques to focus on three areas of development: leading others, leading self and leading strategically.
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Our masterclasses focus on the “underlying thinking habits” that hinder leaders. Using evidence-based, practical tools, we address these habits and support delegates to build an effective leadership practice.
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Team High Performance

An opportunity for teams to step away from the office, these off-site sessions drive high performance and support, by building team trust and psychological safety. Team dysfunction can also be addressed where necessary.
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Growing Minds

Our young people are our future leaders. Through our free Growing Minds mental health programme, we’re committed to developing healthy thinking habits in state primary and secondary school students and supporting them in building resilience and emotional intelligence.
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Our Team

Led by Founder and Director Liz Margree, our network of associates covers a wide range of coaching styles and disciplines.

Whichever of our coaches you work with, we will be:

  • supportive and constructively challenging
  • flexible and open to feedback
  • transparent in decision making
  • responsive and clear in communications

Our Values As Coaches

Make a difference

Bring psychological rigour

Be creative

Be client-focused (easy to work with!)

Provide value


Our work takes us across sectors, with clients ranging from banks, consultancies, retailers, universities, non-profits, technology firms and arts organisations.

Liz Margree & Associates is based in Hertfordshire, UK, but we work with clients across the world.

Working internationally, based in Hertfordshire, UK

(+44) 07809 091634


Working internationally, based in Hertfordshire, UK

(+44) 07809 091634