Growing Minds

What is Growing Minds?

Growing Minds is a brand new programme, due to launch in September 2019, designed to develop healthy thinking habits in young people at state secondary schools.

Its emphasis is on healthy coping skills and building resilience and emotional intelligence.

A recent paper in the journal Lancet Psychiatry reports that educational best practice such as tackling bullying, emphasizing nutrition and exercise and teaching children to be aware of how they think can have a significant impact on the mental health of young people.

We want to deliver this into state schools because there’s no funding to do it, because our young people are our future leaders and because it’s the right thing to do.

This programme is free to schools and wholly funded by Liz Margree & Associates Limited’s corporate social responsibility strand.

What’s our vision?

Our vision is a regional and ultimately national programme, where corporate organisations sponsor the Growing Minds Programme in state secondary schools local to them so that we can deliver:

• Weekly group sessions to develop healthy thinking habits in young people – where up to 12 young people regularly attend a weekly group for a term.

• One off lesson-long master-classes in goal setting, anxiety management and thinking flexibly.

• A pool of ‘speakers corner’ volunteers from the corporate organisations who can come in and give talks to the students about work-life, career opportunities and how they keep mentally healthy.

• Pathways into work experience weeks with the corporate sponsor.

• Podcast and you tube content, hosted by ‘mental health champions’ – young people who are up for sharing how they manage their mindset.

If you would like to know more about Growing Minds and how you can be part of our new programme or, if you would like to become a Client Partner and sponsor the Growing Minds programme, then please contact Laura Yeldham, Programme Manager,