What We Do

How We Work

Our team of associates work across sectors enabling people to make positive, sustained behavioural changes. Through our focus on ‘relational leadership’, we use psychology to help individual leaders and leadership teams to maximise performance under pressure, build resilience and grow strategic impact.

However you choose to work with Liz Margree & Associates, we will be:

  • supportive and constructively challenging
  • flexible and open to feedback
  • transparent in decision-making
  • responsive and clear in communications

Our Leadership & Personal Impact Programmes

Executive Coaching


Team High Performance

For Schools & Young People

Growing Minds

We run leadership development workshops for young people and coaching for teachers and school leadership, through our Growing Minds programme.

We commit a percentage of our profits to wholly fund and deliver this programme in state secondary schools, so by working with Liz Margree and Associates, you’re also supporting our future leaders.

Our vision for Growing Minds is to expand it regionally through Hertfordshire, then nationally across the UK.

Working internationally, based in Hertfordshire, UK

(+44) 07809 091634


Working internationally, based in Hertfordshire, UK

(+44) 07809 091634

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