Executive Coaching

We are highly experienced in executive coaching for senior leaders across a wide range of commercial and public sectors. We work one-on-one with our coachees, creating space for them to consider and develop their leadership style and practice, as it relates to both themselves and their wider team.

Developing Leadership Style

Using established psychological techniques, our coaching practice focuses on three areas of development:

Leading Self

Stress management, resilience, conflict style, adapting style to influence others, emotional intelligence, personal impact and presence

Leading Others

Coaching, delegation, boundaries and balance, engaging and motivating teams, managing performance, holding others to account

Leading Strategically

Getting ‘on the balcony’ of one’s leadership to focus on where to add most value, setting strategic direction and vision, engaging peers and senior stakeholders

Our Role As Coaches

In our work with clients and coachees, we focus on developing three key areas:


We are accountable to the coachee and the coaching sponsor to drive momentum towards the outcomes we’ve agreed.

Thinking Habits

We are responsible for creating a high-quality thinking space where the coachee can pause and really explore their leadership.

Behavioural Change

We are responsible for supporting the coachee to identify the ‘leadership practice’ they want to develop and the day-to-day habits that improve their effectiveness. 

Our Executive Coaching Process

Supervised by our Founder and Director Liz Margree, coachees will work with one of our highly-experienced team of associates

  • Chemistry meeting with coach, to establish rapport and fit
  • Between six and nine one-to-one sessions each month
  • Sessions lasts 60 – 90 minutes and can be virtual or face-to-face
  • Best practice input from psychology and leadership (‘ingredients’ with which the coachee can build their deliberate practice)
  • Written summary per session to capture key commitments and insights
  • Stakeholder feedback to inform goal-setting and focus
  • Alignment meeting and progress review with line manager

Work With Us

If you’re interested in executive coaching for your senior team, get in touch for more information.

By working with Liz Margree and Associates, you’re also supporting our future leaders. We commit a percentage of our profits to wholly fund and deliver Growing Minds – a mental health programme for state secondary schools.

Executive Coaching


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Working internationally, based in Hertfordshire, UK

(+44) 07809 091634


Working internationally, based in Hertfordshire, UK

(+44) 07809 091634

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