Growing Minds

We want to live in a world where everyone has the opportunity to flourish.

Putting this ethos into practice, we commit a percentage of our profits to wholly fund and deliver Growing Minds – our mental health programme for state secondary schools.

Launched in September 2019, Growing Minds is designed to develop healthy thinking habits in young people. The programme emphasises healthy coping skills and building resilience and emotional intelligence.

Purpose Behind Growing Minds

A 2015 paper in The Lancet Psychiatry reported that educational best practices – such as  teaching children to be aware of how they think – can significantly impact the mental health of young people.

We want to deliver this into state schools because there’s no funding to do it, because our young people are our future leaders, and because it’s the right thing to do.

How Growing Minds Works

For Young People

Peer group workshops to build healthy thinking habits

For Teachers & Senior Leaders

Bespoke coaching in leadership development

Growing Minds is designed and delivered by our team. The programme is funded by Liz Margree & Associates’ corporate social responsibility strand, to ensure it is free at the point of access for students and teachers.

We are constantly developing the programme with a vision to expand it regionally (in Hertfordshire) and then nationally across the UK, in partnership with corporate organisations.

If you would like to know more about Growing Minds and how you or your company can get involved to make a positive difference to the mental health of young people and their teachers, please contact Liz Margree, Director,

Working internationally, based in Hertfordshire, UK

(+44) 07809 091634

Working internationally, based in Hertfordshire, UK

(+44) 07809 091634

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