In our masterclasses, we focus on the “underlying thinking habits” that get in the way for leaders. Our courses provide evidence-based, psychologically rooted, practical tools to address these habits and help leaders ‘get out of their own minds’ and build an effective leadership practice.

Masterclass Programmes

Sessions are skills based and interactive. In our Leading Others masterclass, we often use business actors to create skills practice opportunities. And active simulations form part of our Leading Self & Leading Strategically masterclasses. We routinely use psychometrics, such as Insights, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Genos EQ, and Hogan, with our delegates to help them amplify their self-awareness.

Leading Self

  • Value-led leadership - building your leadership footprint
  • Mindset agility - growth mindset and imposter syndrome
  • Boundary management - well-being and resilience - time management
  • Executive presence - professional brand - presentation skills

Leading Others

  • Storytelling to engage
  • Inspiring and influencing others
  • Coaching skills
  • Delegation and feedback skills
  • Psychological safety - contracting and holding others to account
  • Radical candour and managing conflict
  • Leading in a time of burnout
  • Emotional Intelligence in leadership

Leading Strategically

  • Critical thinking (skills and decision-making) - avoiding complacency
  • Leading through change
  • Unconscious bias
  • Effective facilitation and meeting management
  • Leading in and through complexity

Work With Us

If your team could benefit from any of our masterclass options, please get in touch.

By working with Liz Margree and Associates, you’re also supporting our future leaders. We commit a percentage of our profits to wholly fund and deliver Growing Minds – a mental health programme for state secondary schools.

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Working internationally, based in Hertfordshire, UK

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Working internationally, based in Hertfordshire, UK

(+44) 07809 091634

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