Psychometric Tools

We use Insights Discovery to support our work with individuals and teams. The Insights profile helps to raise self awareness in relation to our behaviour preferences, how we can get the best from ourselves, and how we can maximise our interactions with others. We recommend it to anyone who wants to build self awareness and enable their personal growth and leadership development.

At a team level Insights is an extremely versatile model that helps to create a common understanding and language in support of sustainable collective behaviour shifts. We integrate Insights into team dynamics and team development interventions based on the specific needs of our clients in an interactive and experiential way.

We use Hogan Assessments to support our clients to gain a deeper understanding of their reputation, and specifically, how others experience them as leaders. The HPI, HDS, and MVPI assessments help to shine a light on our core motivators and strengths, along with our overplayed strengths that have the potential to de-rail us from reaching our full potential. In leadership development, and especially in periods of transition and ‘stepping up’, we find Hogan assessments to be a powerful stimulus of sustainable behaviour change and progression when used as part of our one to one coaching programmes.

We use Myers Briggs Type indicator to help individuals and teams gain self awareness and insight into four key areas: where I get my energy from, the kind of information I seek out and trust, how I prefer to go about making decisions and how I like to organise myself in time (which is both about planning styles and flexibility). It can be a really helpful tool to help people understand how and why they find working with some colleagues much easier than working with others – there are often ‘aha’ moments. And it’s also really useful to help individuals and teams explore why some situations and operating contexts feel more demanding than others. It’s based on Jungian psychology and is built on the premise that each person has innate preferences for how they like to be in the world as well as learned preferences.

We use the EQ-i 2.0 primarily with individuals through our coaching offer but also as a powerful tool for team development. The EQ-i 2.0 supports an individual to gain an in-depth understanding of their emotional intelligence, giving them insight into self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal skills, decision making and wellbeing.  It is particularly powerful for individuals and teams looking to strengthen their relationships and have greater impact and influence.  The EQi 360 tool adds an additional level of insight, giving the individual or group an understanding of how they are perceived by others.  This helps them to identify specific areas to focus their development and gain clarity about where and with whom they need to channel their relationship-building energy.