Allan Sweenie, Talent Manager, HML
The development of the interpersonal capabilities of our managers forms an integral part of our people strategy. For over two years Liz has worked collaboratively with us on this challenge, enabling her to fully understand our businesses needs to design and integrate innovative learning interventions to our Leadership and Talent Programmes.

By combining her extensive organizational psychology knowledge with a wealth of insight gained during her years as a professional actor Liz offered our business something that was truly unique. The result of this is a powerful and thought provoking blend of theory and practice which demystifies the art of communicating and influencing effectively in formal and informal situations.

Liz designed and worked with us to deliver Personal Impact sessions during which we helped our managers explore and develop the key components of Gravitas. These 1-day modules have improved our leader’s abilities to successfully influence others while also coming across as confident and composed with their direct reports, peers, senior leaders and our client base.

The work we have done with Liz has proven to be the most popular development we have ever offered and as a result it was subsequently built into our internal Talent development programmes. We continue to develop our partnership with Liz and we view her as a valuable member of our development team.

Jon Davies

, Deal Executive
Project UNITY

T-Systems Limited
A Deutsche Telekom Group Company
I first engaged with Liz Margree in February 2009 to support a pan-European team building event to kick off of a bid to support a (£100m+) telecommunications opportunity with a major high street retailer. The event was targeted at ensuring my team (of 40 people+) were completely aligned in terms of our strategic objectives for the deal, but importantly that we established a strong sense of team that would carry us through the entire process expected to last 12 months. The event was a huge success, described by many of my team as ‘unique’ and it delivered against all objectives that I set Liz and more.

The engagement was so successful that I have since engaged Liz on multiple occasions to run checkpoint workshops on the deal, to ensure that all core team members remained aligned and focused, and that they continued to understand the criticality and value they delivered as individuals to the project and myself.

I have additionally used Liz for customer and supplier workshops, to ensure that we had focused facilitation in meetings to deliver the required results and objectives. Again, Liz delivered absolute to brief and more, with again many positive comments and feedback from both my team and the customer.

Liz does not however only deliver to a set brief, but continually looks to see how she can add value in other areas, identifying issues that I as the Deal Executive may not even have recognized existed and providing strategies and coaching on how to make sure the project and my people (my most valuable assets) stay focused and on track. Liz has additionally provided a high degree of value add by offering personal coaching to myself; about my role as a leader, how to manage the team to ensure I get the best from them, but critically making sure in a highly pressurized work situation that I did not forget what is really important to me and what ultimately drives me i.e. my family.

I cannot therefore recommend Liz more highly; she is professional, knowledgeable in her chosen area of expertise (and many others), but perhaps most critically she is a people person. When you bring all these attributes together I would 100% recommend any engagement with Liz, you will not be disappointed. As an aside, but critically we won the business and could and would not have achieved this without engaging Liz. She is a key member of the team and I will continue to use her in the future as I take the customer into life. The feedback has been unbelievable and the team all loved the day – ze Germans especially. You guys delivered against your brief and much, much more

Arts Council Away Day
I just wanted to say thank you for facilitating our team away day last Friday.  You did an excellent job and we were all engaged with your process.  There was no ‘post-lunch slump’!  The venue was great too.

Tricia (Personal Impact Day)
Just wanted to say thanks for today, which was useful and thought provoking as well as (mostly!) fun.  I just thought I’d share that the ‘catwalk’ and standing exercise was quite a big deal for me.  At a primary school medical the doctor said I had a slight scoliosis/curvature of the spine, and sadly my dad’s reaction was that he was ashamed, and had never thought that would be said of a child of his (just goes to show how careful we parents need to be about what we say!).  So I’ve always been quite conscious that my posture and gait could be better, and felt quite tempted to opt out of that particular exercise.  Having done it, and survived, and even got some positive feedback, was definitely something good to take away from the day – so thanks again.

Graduate Event for UBS
Many thanks for your help yesterday with the Graduate Gateway Event, we were very happy with the day and felt that the graduates left with a really good set of tools to help them navigate their future careers. You and the team worked very hard to make this possible and your flexible and relaxed approach was really helpful in accommodating our needs.

From a delegate on a Handling Conference Calls Masterclass
Was very, very good.

I really liked how it was just an hour or so.  Was enough to get the benefit – particularly with the 10 min role play – but not too much to make it onerous.

I picked up a nugget – after Liz picked up I interrupted by speaking quickly to ensure I was heard – where as I should just say the speakers name – and then say who it is who’s speaking – to connect on a personal level.  I used that immediately after the session.

In summary, I loved it! Looking forward to the next one.

Attendee from a Personal Impact Programme at KFC
Just wanted to say a massive thank you!!! I really really enjoyed the session, definitely the most useful workshop I have ever attended. I felt super motivated after leaving the workshop and have definitely spoke to so many people already about how amazing it was! I really appreciate you inviting me to the day and have got so many takeaways from it whilst learning lots about myself. I also enjoyed working with such a variety of people across the business and built some great relationships. Fingers crossed I am going to have a bigger ‘personal impact’ on everything I do going forward. If I am being totally honest, i did practice today when viewing a flat and managed to negotiate the price a lot better than I would have done before.

Thank you and I am looking forward to seeing the impact of the course on others in the business going forward.

Strategy Day for a client, Feedback from one of their Directors
Just wanted to say a huge thanks for last week, the 2 days were really motivating & inspiring & I think overall we definitely reset & redefined a new mind-set within the team.

Speaking to the team & the LT the feedback was really positive & I think we can really build on this moving forward.

Delegate feedback from a Storytelling Programme
A note to thank you for an excellent and inspiring day and something/an area of incredible meaning to me as I venture into a phase of trying to create/tell and somehow articulate my life story and write a book to I hope to support the lives of so many others. Thank you you have helped me think differently and shape both my fairytale and book.

 Lovely and a pleasure to meet you and I hope to again.

Delegate feedback on a workshop exploring values, using actors
Liz thank you so much I thought you did a great job today and your style landed really well with my whole team.

Strategy Day for a client, feedback from the director
I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday. It was a fantastic session and you really helped us stay focused and achieve the outcome we were looking for. We will certainly be back in touch to book you in for next year, as soon as we know the date (probably in Jan / Feb).

Delegate feedback from a leadership programme
What a fabulous training session. I have learnt so much from it, both personally and professionally. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be part of this. Their planning and organisation, timing and ability to adjust their session plan, [to name but a few things] were superb examples for tutors to observe and learn from. It was a delight, a breath of fresh air.